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Greenhouse complex "Dnipro"

This is a new modern greenhouse complex, commissioned in February 2017 in Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region. It was designed and equipped by the Dutch company KGP and today has no analogues in Ukraine. We grow cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.


The best Dutch and local salad varieties of cucumbers. Hilly and smooth-fruited, high-yielding.


Pink tomatoes, which have long been popular with Ukrainian and European consumers.


Each of our lettuce varieties is good in its own way. Grown by hydroponics technology.

Greenhouse complex "Dnipro"

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Our company pays special attention to the quality and safety of food products. The main advantage of our company is environmentally friendly products that have high taste, excellent appearance and long shelf life.

The main factor of success of TC “Dnipro” is the combination of a modern approach to the organization of production processes and centuries-old agricultural traditions of the hard-working Ukrainian people.

We are rightly proud of the greenhouse complex, equipped with the latest technology, well-organized technological processes and, most importantly, highly qualified specialists.

All these factors allow us to produce the highest quality products, increase exports every year and to represent Ukraine on the world market of fresh fruits and vegetables at a decent level!

• The usable area of ​​the complex is 14,000 m2;
• Three technological departments – cucumbers, tomato and salad department;
• Modern equipment from leading manufacturers in Europe and the world: “DGS”, “Grodan”, “Priva”, “Karcher”, “Hilti”, “Weterings Mechanisatie”, “Hortilux”, “Philips”, “Stolze”, “Philips” ; Toyota, Jungheinrich.
• Imported seeds from world producers “Rijk Zwaan”, “Monsanto Company”, “Enza Zaden”, “Semo” are used for growing products;
• Warehouse production capacity – more than 200 tons;
• The warehouse is equipped with two pre-cooling chambers for intensive cooling of vegetables and greens;
• Products are transported by MAN trucks equipped with refrigerators.