Cucumber is one of the most commonly grown greenhouse vegetables. As a rule, parthenocarpic hybrids are grown under cover, which perfectly yield fruits without pollination. All flowers on the parthenocarpics are pistillate ones, which means that each of them bears fruit. Cucumbers are delicious, fragrant and don’t contain even a drop of bitterness.

All of the parthenocarpic cucumbers are straight, all are as like as two peas. They are of an even rich green color. They are resistant to temperature changes and main cucumbers diseases.


These cucumbers are of dark-green color, smooth, dense, 20-25 cm long. They have excellent gustatory qualities. Outstanding storability and transportability are their distinguishing features. Thanks to the cucumbers’ excellent taste and smell, they are great for salads. These cucumbers are of particular value when it comes to sushi and hamburger making.


These cucumbers are prickly and of dark-green color, 10-13 cm long and with the weigh 120-140 g. Their fruits are dense, they are well stored and well transported. This cucumber has a sweetish taste and is well suited for preparing various salads and vegetable platters.